Venomous Snakes of California

Experts say that California has around 33 species of snakes out of which only 18% are venomous. Reports reveal that around 10% out of all snakes sightings are actually of venomous snakes in California. There is no doubt to say that California is a geographically diverse place that is loaded with lots of seasonal lakes, pine forests, mountains regions, arid deserts and fertile farmlands; these regions provide all positive conditions for snakes to live their life. There are six venomous categories of snakes that are commonly found in California:

1. Mojave Rattlesnake:
Here is one of the most dangerous and venomous snakes of California. The venom of Mojave Rattlesnake is observed to be 10 times powerful as compared to the venom of other Rattlesnakes that are commonly found in the USA. This San Diego snake injects high toxins into the human body with one bite only that can affect skeletal muscles, neuromuscular junctions, and heart as well. Mojave Rattlesnake bites need immediate medical treatment.

2. Western Diamondback Rattlesnake:
This snake is often observed in arid and dry habitats. Western Diamondback Rattlesnake usually has fangs somewhere around ½ inches in length, and its venom is considered highly hemorrhagic for the human body. Stats reveal that bites from this Rattlesnake cause more human deaths in the United States as compared to all other snake bites. Symptoms associated with Western Diamondback Rattlesnake bite include high blood pressure, higher heart rate, breathing difficulties and vomiting. If it is not treated immediately, it may cause the death of the person.

3. Sidewinder:
Sidewinder is not as toxic as other venomous snakes of CA, but this snake can add 20 to 60 mg venom within one bite. Note that around 40% venom in the human body is enough to cause a fatal case. This snake gets its name from its sidewinding movements that are often observed when it moves on the sand. Sidewinder can reach a maximum length of only 30 inches, and it is rarely spotted by humans.

4. Speckled Rattlesnake:
In case if a person is bitten by a speckled San Diego rattlesnake, he may need an instant medical diagnosis. This snake can have a maximum length of 3.5 feet only, and it is capable enough to adapt to various conditions. Speckled Rattlesnake can be found in a variety of colors and patterns including black, white, brown and grey shades.

5. Southern Pacific Rattlesnake:
Many subspecies of southern Pacific rattlesnake are observed to leave a hemorrhagic impact on the human body; however, few others leave neurotoxin effect. A single bite of this snake can cause the death of the person as it can inject around 70 to 160 mg of venom in one bite. However, the fully grown snake of this category can even inject 110 to 115 mg venom into the human body.

6. Red Diamond Rattlesnake:
Here is another ½ inches long snake that can inject around 350mg of venom in one bite out of which the only 100mg is enough to kill a human instantly. However, the toxicity level of venom found in this snake is low, but as it injects high quantity into the target at once, so it is really dangerous for humans.

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