How To Get Rid Of San Diego Squirrels In The Attic

Presence of California squirrels in your premises is itself big trouble. These nasty creatures can cause huge damage in the attic due to their continuous chewing habits. Some of the most common signs of squirrel infestation are jumping, bumping and scratching sounds from the ceiling. Although we often find these hyperactive creatures wondering here and there on the tree branches but if they get an opportunity, they will definitely love to settle in your attic.

In case if you hear San Diego squirrel sounds from your attic, the very first thing to do is find a suitable method to get rid of the infestation. Note that squirrels are disease carriers, they can spread harmful symptoms to humans and pet in the house. Hence, it is important to get them out of the house as soon as possible. You need to learn methods to make them run away from your home, but the job doesn’t end here, after this you need to seal all the entry points so that they do not find a way to return.

The major reason why California squirrels love your attic is its cozy, comfortable and warm feeling that makes it the perfect choice for nesting. This space allows tiny rodents to enjoy a safe stay on your premises. Their babies can grow here without any disturbance. Note that killing or hurting a squirrel is illegal in most of the states, so even if they are living in your house, you cannot be rude to these creatures. Hence, it is good to find some trustworthy methods to get rid of these creatures.

Trap and Remove Method:
If there are so many San Diego squirrels in your attic, you can try to trap them and release them at a certain far distance from where they cannot return. You need to buy a humane squirrel cage trap and set it at attic entry holes. Generally, squirrels stay active during morning and evening hours; but when they have babies inside, they can also visit in between. Once you catch the mother squirrel in the trap, safely remove the babies altogether, and leave the whole family at a safe place where they can survive.

One Way Doors:
Here is another humane technique to remove squirrels from the attic. Simply block all the entry and exit holes for a squirrel by leaving just one. Install a tension flap on this entry point that allows squirrels to simply move out of the attic but do not provide a path to get in. in this way, all the squirrels can be moved out of the space.

If you don’t want to harm California squirrels, just want to make sure they leave your attic, the home-based repellents can help you better. However, these solutions do not protect your house for the long run but if once you are able to get rid of them, it is better to seal all the entry points so that they cannot return. Never forget to remove all the mess with the help of professional squirrel exterminators.

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